A brief wayback history of me online

I was considering what I named my blog the other day. Actually the title comes from some of my early forays into the online community. Before there was my Shitennou site there was my first fanfiction site called Heaven's Dawn - http://heavensdawn.org - now it's owned by one of those annoying steal the site and put up links, I let the name run out long ago, but it's still some nostalgia for me.

long ago heavensdawn looked like This, courtesy of the wayback machine. Man that was a long time ago. And that's not even the first incarnation of the site.

It was up for over a year before the wayback machine started finding it - such is life. But it's still nice to look back. I always did like the floating feathers javascript - although you can't tell they're feathers on the wayback machine I always enjoyed it.

So, the dreaming of dawn came from my first site, heavensdawn.org - because sometimes I dream for a return to the simple days of my life - when the world and the internet, was shiny and new and everything was possible.


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